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How do I change the nameservers for my domain?

When you buy a new hosting account from us, we will send you the settings for your nameservers in your welcome email. They will look like this: nsx.acornhost.com, nsy.acornhost.com (where X and Y are numbers).

Log into your domain registrar's control panel -to set these values. Your domain registrar is the company you bought your domain from—please note that Acorn Host does not sell domain names and we are not your registrar.

Look for a link that says, "Change Nameservers", "Use Your Own Namservers" or "Nameserver Settings". When you are on this page, enter the two nameservers from your welcome email.

If you see places to input a www and @ address, you are not in the right spot. You need to look for something that lets you enter nameservers.

After changing your nameservers, it will usually take around 15 minutes for the domain to start resolving, although it can take up to 24 hours.

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